Question 1: How do I know what size Car Coaster I need to order?

Answer: To get an accurate size that fits your car, we recommend you measure the base of car cup holder since some cup holders get smaller towards the base preferably with a fabric tape measure but if you don't have one a ruler or a tape measurer will be fine to measure the top as well. 

Question 2: What if I order the wrong size Car Coaster?

Answer: No problem just send it back and will get you out the correct size!

Question 3: Can I customize my order?

Answer: Yes, we love custom orders and would be happy to make it personal. If we are creating a whole new item for you, we will not post that item as something other people can buy without your permission. We want to make sure that the design either you created or we created together stays with you only. We may however ask you if its ok to post pictures of the finished product on social media. 

Question 4: Why aren't my glow in the dark products glowing?

Answer: All of our products have been tested prior to leaving there new homes. However since they have been in a dark package for a few days they may need a little help getting charged up. The best way to get them charged up is to stick them in direct sunlight for about an hour. Artificial lighting works as well just not as well as the sun unfortunately but you can get your phone flashlight and move it all around the product. Blacklights also work really well!